Two priests and nearly 60 prayer warriors with 40 Days for Life were on hand today. Grace and mercy filled the air as there were five brave women that we know of who left, sparing the lives of their precious babies.

The morning began with the counselors all coming together concerned that there was no Hispanic counselor there this morning to help the Hispanic women who so frequently show up at Family Planning Associates. Within minutes a car pulled into the lot and a woman approached the counselors. She told them that she wanted to counsel today and that she spoke Spanish. After obtaining flyers and some tips on counseling from another counselor, the new counselor saw a car with a Hispanic couple drive into the lot and park right in front of them. The new counselor approached the car and began speaking to the young couple in Spanish. She told them about the litigation history of the doctor, and that there were many risks and side affects of an abortion that they would not tell her about. When she offered the young woman a picture of a six-week-old pre-born baby, the young woman broke down in tears. They drove to the far side of the parking lot and the young man got out and began walking around by himself, while the young woman remained in the car. She stayed in the car for over an hour until finally they backed up and drove away.

One of the counselors spoke to a young woman with an out-of-state license who was alone. She said she was going to check out the clinic for her friend, but it was apparent that she was there for herself. The young woman was startled to see a picture of a six-week-old baby. She made the comment, “Look, it even has little fingers.” The counselor talked to her about the doctor at the abortion clinic and the risks associated with abortion. She offered her the resources of Culture of Life Family Services and thanked her for being so open. While the counselor was talking to her, another woman came over and began to verbally assault the counselor for being insensitive. She yelled at the counselor that she was Catholic and that Jesus had compassion and that the counselor did not. The counselor remained quiet and told her she was sorry for her and her friend. The woman  eventually walked away, and began verbally abusing another counselor some distance away.  This however, did not stop the woman in the car from listening to the counselor.  Within minutes she drove away.

Sometime later a young woman came out of her car and began to walk towards the clinic. One of the counselors stopped her and told her about the record of the doctor. She asked the counselor if she was here because she was against abortion. The counselor told her that she was here not only because of the doctor but also that she could see the effects of abortion on women and how each week she sees women go in one door at the clinic, and when they emerge through the other door after the abortion, they are changed forever.

The counselor showed the woman a picture of a six-week-old baby and the woman immediately began to sob. At that point evil stepped in as the guard began to harass the counselor, telling the counselor how she is making the woman feel guilty. The guard tried to coax the woman away, but the woman was frozen and would not move.  She continued to cry and the counselor suggested she go to Culture of Life Family Services, but the woman just said, “I am going home,” The counselor gave her a hug and told her she would never forget her and that she would pray for her. As soon as the woman got into her car, three prayer warriors who were leaving stopped and prayed with the counselor. Within a minute the woman was gone.

A short time before this a counselor spoke with two women who had just parked their car and were walking toward the clinic. He gave them a flyer on the abortionist’s litigation record and started telling them about the risks and side effects of an abortion. After a short time the woman said, “Thank you,” and it was clear she did not want to talk any more, as she looked the other way and continued walking, cutting off the conversation. However, she kept the flyer.

About 30 to 45 minutes later the two women emerged from the clinic with downcast faces. It appeared that one of the woman was post-abortive. Another counselor approached them to give them a medal. They were reluctant but eventually one of the women took it. They returned to their car. Upon the urging of the other two counselors , the counselor returned to the car to offer a Rachel’s Hope flier. The driver rolled down the window and said “Don’t worry, she did not go through with it.” The counselor offered her a card to Culture of Life Family Services and told the woman in the driver’s seat she was so proud of her and told her “God Bless you.” The woman did not want to talk, but it was obvious she knew she could not kill her baby.

At one point a car pulled into the lot and the man driving said they were from El Centro. The woman in the passenger seat had a map and was on the phone. The counselor told him about Family Planning Associates and the doctor’s record and how there were many women from El Centro that would come here but leave. The man stated they were not here for that, but to go shopping (this is a common story to avoid talking about abortion). However they left the lot and never returned to go shopping.