By God’s grace and through the power of the Holy Spirit, two women left Family Planning Associates today and went to Culture of Life Family Services.  As the prayer warriors could be heard singing hymns to the Blessed Mother, a woman and her husband left the clinic in tears.  One of the counselors went to her and she said she could not go through with the abortion.  She was given a card to Culture of Life and there she saw her precious baby.  She left with tears of joy with a baby basket.  Please pray for N.

Another young woman came with a friend to Family Planning and she was nearly 14 weeks.  She was concerned about her health if she carried the baby to term.  She went to Culture of Life very abortion-intent and sadly after seeing her baby she still remains abortion-intent but promised the counselor that she would open her heart this week to the possibility of adoption.  She is in need of MANY prayers this week as she left unmoved.  Please pray that she have the courage to tell her mother and not to feel that she is a failure because she is pregnant.  Please pray for S.