Please pray for three saves at FPA on Miramar Rd. in San Diego this morning, and a possible turn-around at Planned Parenthood, First and Grape.

M. is an older mother who came along with two of her older friends. All three were very moved after hearing of the medical doctor’s record.  They asked what all the people were doing on the sidewalk.  The counselor told them they were praying for her and all the women entering the mill today. The counselor showed her a picture of what her eight-week-old baby would look like. They parked their car and started up to the mill, but never went in.  They left before getting to the door. Upon leaving the driver smiled and waved.  Please pray that this hurting woman open her heart to her child and seek help and love for herself and her child.

A young couple came to FPA and was approached by a sidewalk counselor. The counselor discussed the lawsuits/malpractice cases against the doctor and mentioned Culture of Life Family Services.  The woman, L., said she wanted to do the right thing and her boyfriend V. agreed.  The counselor explained that this is a decision that will affect her for the rest of her life and offered to call Culture of Life and direct them there.  V. and L. agreed to go, and the last report from Culture of Life was that she was having an ultrasound.

Another counselor spoke with a woman who was in her second trimester of pregnancy.  She was convinced to choose life, and she waved and smiled when she and her boyfriend drove out.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit guides these women to continue to give life to the babies in the wombs.

Across town at Planned Parenthood at First and Grape, two young women were given flyers on the way in, and came back out less than five minutes later.  The woman was reading the flyer as she walked to her car and the drove away. Please pray that this woman has chosen life.

A special thanks to Father Leon and the 40 Days for Life prayer warriors who came out to provide the prayers needed for these women at FPA, and to the 30+ prayer warriors who participated in the First Saturday Rosary procession to Planned Parenthood..