The day began at Family Planning Associates with two guards, one of who was very aggressive.  One of the counselors stopped a cab coming into the lot.  A frightened girl sat in the back and it was clear she was Hispanic.  The counselor called over the Spanish-speaking counselor, and the girl was given information about the horrible practices at the clinic.  Not much time was given, however, as the aggressive guard was soon over telling her not to listen and to go inside.  At one point he opened the cab door to escort her out. This young woman who was all alone silently made her way into the abortion clinic.

A sidewalk counselor spoke with an African-American couple who listened carefully for a while, but then said they had given it lots of thought.  The woman looked concerned, and the counselor told her, “If you feel creepy in there, like its not the right thing to do, remember, you can leave at any time, just get up and go.” They went inside, and the boyfriend left for a while, but then came back and the couple left.  They would not talk on the way out.

One of us approached a car with an African-American man who had his seat reclined.  Another counselor was talking with his wife.  As the woman went into Family Planning, the counselor continued to talk gently to the man about the practices of the doctor there.  He kept looking up at the building and then tried to call his wife.  When she did not pick up her phone he told the counselor that he was going up there to get her.  At one point the couple left the clinic and was encouraged to call Culture of Life Family Services.  Please pray for this couple that they continue on the path to life for their unborn baby.

One of the counselors spoke to two young women about the abortionist, and the risks of having an abortion.  They agreed to go leave Family Planning and go to Culture of Life.

A young couple was approached by a counselor and kept walking up the stairs to Family Planning Associates.  As they were walking along another counselor told the young woman that whatever the other counselor told her was true and that this counselor knew of at least one woman who was hospitalized after having gone to Family Planning for an abortion.  The couple immediately turned around and sat on the stairs.  The counselor joined them on the steps and the young woman began to cry.  She allowed the counselor to give her a hug.  She said she had a bad feeling about Family Planning when she woke up this morning but she was also concerned for her health because she was diabetic.  She was afraid to have the baby.  She told the counselor she was 11 weeks.

The counselor told her of many women who leave Family Planning Associates and choose life and she encouraged her to go to Culture of Life to get competent care.  The young woman was eager to leave.  The counselor followed them to Culture of Life Family Services, and there they were able to have a sonogram.

Unfortunately the young woman had miscarried and her baby had no heartbeat.  However, God in His mercy spared this life from the horrors of abortion and this young woman now did not have to live with the sin of abortion on her soul nor the guilt of this most terrible sin.  She was go grateful to have left Family Planning and firmly promised that this would not happen again.