The following comes from a Jan. 25 email.

Today had beautiful weather downtown, but unfortunately it was extremely busy for PP. We had four Prayer Warriors who offered prayers for the workers and customers.

A woman in her 60s walking her dog came up to me and told me that I should be ashamed of myself because this “was a woman’s right, because it was her body,” and I responded “it’s a woman’s right to kill her child?”  She walked off.

A black woman came up to PP with three cute boys in tow, the oldest of which I would say was maybe seven or eight years old.  I offered her information, and she said “That’s crazy!  I don’t believe in abortion!  He could be the President!” and I said “That’s true! You never know!”  If ever there was a common sense reason not to abort your child, she said it. Only God knows the future.  She was only there for a short time and then left.  Her car wouldn’t start, and one of the guards helped her with jumper cables to get her car started.  I told him I was proud of him for doing a good deed, and we both laughed.

Another woman came up, and I offered her information saying “Please give this to anyone you know who may be pregnant, that she may give her child a chance at life,” and she stopped and looked at the bookmark with the picture of the six-week ectopic pregnancy.  She said, “OK, I will, but this picture is too much.” I replied,  “But that is the reality.”  She took the information and walked in.  Not long after, she came out, and told me  “I didn’t do it.” I said, “So you changed your mind?” and she said, “Yes.”  Someone came by in a little bit and picked her up and she left.