san-diego-north-caWhen the first counselor arrived in the morning, several cars were already waiting in the parking lot. One of the nurses arrived, and the couples started leaving their cars for the entrance.  One of the couples looked to be about 18 to 20 years old.  The counselor gave them information about the abortionist, and explained the grief they would have if they went through with the abortion, and that it was very likely their relationship would not survive.  They listened for quite some time, but the young woman was sure of her decision, and they went upstairs.

A short while later, another counselor noticed a car drive up and pause.  The woman looked at the counselor, then they slowly drove several times around the parking lot.  They finally drove out the exit near the prayer warriors, and left.

A couple arrived sometime later, shouting at each other through the open windows as they found a parking space.  They sat in the car for awhile until the man opened the car door.  One of the counselors approached the car and gave them information.  The woman said she was over 14 weeks pregnant, and that the boyfriend she came with was not the baby’s father.  They went upstairs and came down about 20 to 30 minutes later.  The man was angry, and the woman seemed more in control of the situation than when they first went upstairs.  The woman said that she did not have the abortion, and that she was not going to let them do the procedure necessary to prepare for a second-trimester abortion.  The counselor referred them to Culture of Life Family Services, but she did not indicate whether or not she would call them as she and the man were leaving.

A Hispanic couple drove up to the front of the parking lot, and one of the Spanish-speaking counselors stood by, ready to talk with them.  However, they stayed in their car for about 45 minutes talking. They finally started the car and drove away.

While this was happening, another car drove up and the woman exited the driver’s side of the car.  A counselor started to talk to her about the abortionist, but she said she was going into the furniture store.  They promptly went into the elevator and entered the abortionist’s office.  The man came back out and started to drive away.  Somewhere along the way, another person who was given a flyer on the abortionist gave it to this woman, and she came running out of the abortion center yelling for her boyfriend.  She ran along the balcony, shouting for her boyfriend to stop, and waving the flyer toward him.

Another man who was waiting for his girlfriend saw what was going on and whistled to the man who had already driven about 50 yards away.  Another counselor was waving for the driver to stop.  He eventually stopped and backed up while his girlfriend came downstairs, still holding the flyer in her hand. She entered the car and they quickly drove away.

Later around noon, another counselor spoke with a couple who said they were there for a follow-up visit because she had already miscarried her baby.  The counselor spoke to her regarding the doctor’s medical record.  The woman said that this was a sign, because she felt it was the wrong thing to do. After a long conversation, she finally said, she wasn’t sure if she was pregnant or not.  The counselor and woman talked about God, her faith in him, and her relationship with her boyfriend, who was nice and seemed somewhat supportive. They finally said they would go to Culture of Life Family Services in Mission Valley, and they left.