On this, the last day of the spring campaign for 40 Days for Life, there were close to 70 prayer warriors in front of FPA Miramar Road, along with five sidewalk counselors.

Early in the morning, a car pulled into the far side of the lot. Two women got out of the car and one of the counselors approached them. They were very open to talking, especially when the counselor told them about the horrific record of the doctor. The woman told the counselor she did not want anything to happen to her, because she had a child at home. She immediately knew she could not go into FPA. She called Culture of Life Family Services to schedule an appointment and they were able to see her that morning. Once they were at COLFS, she was able to see her baby on the ultrasound and chose life. Please keep “V” in your prayers as she may be facing pressure.

Soon after, a car pulled into the lot with two women inside. They drove in slowly and then drove to the back. They came around again and the counselor waved at them. They smiled and then drove out and never came back.

Another counselor spoke with a woman who was dropped off by several friends. The counselor gave her information, and began telling her about the risks of having an abortion, but she said she was there for some other reasons, and not for an abortion. She later came out and talked with another counselor, who made an appointment for her to go to COLFS. However, she never kept the appointment.

One of the counselors spoke to a mother who had brought her young heroin-addicted daughter and boyfriend in for an abortion. The mother said she didn’t want to her daughter to have the abortion and neither did the boyfriend, but the young girl was determined. After speaking to the mother for 45 minutes, she agreed to talk to the daughter (now in the clinic) but didn’t immediately go in. When the mother and boyfriend finally went in, it was too late.

One of the counselors spoke to a young married couple as they came out of their car.  The counselor told them they looked scared and probably felt this was their only choice, but it was not. The counselor asked if they had any other children. The young father told the counselor they had two children at home, a boy and a girl. The man nodded when the counselor asked if they felt financially burdened and overwhelmed. All the while, the young girl said nothing, and never took off her sunglasses.

Reminding the couple that having two young children may seem like a burden at times, it had to also feel like a blessing as well, the counselor let them know that whatever they were facing financially, it was temporary; that there was a lot of help for them. The counselor told them their third child would be a blessing to their family and begged them to call COLFS before they went into FPA… that once inside they would not come out.

The father had tears in his eyes as he listened, but the young mother would not talk or look at the counselor, keeping her arms folded the entire time. She walked away quickly into the abortion mill, but her husband lingered behind. After trying several times to get the man to call COLFS, the young man, with tears in his eyes, told the counselor he would talk to COLFS before going into FPA. Once on the second floor, the couple stood out of view of the counselor for a long time. After some time, the young girl headed into FPA with the young man following. The young couple did not come back out while the counselor was there.

Another counselor spoke with a man and his girlfriend who sat in their car for about 10 minutes before finally leaving the vehicle. The man had just turned 21 and his girlfriend looked to be of similar age. She seemed disinterested and quickly walked ahead toward FPA. The man paused and listened while the counselor warned him that that his relationship with his girlfriend would have a poor chance of survival if they went through with the abortion. He stated that he was still in college, and that having a baby would not fit into his plans. However, he continued to listen as the counselor explained that this was a unique human being, and might end up being his only son, and that he and his girlfriend would always regret the abortion. He seemed deeply moved about the reality of this being his child, and said he would go upstairs and try to talk his girlfriend out of it, but he did not seem very confident about the prospects of a long-term relationship with her. He went upstairs but never came back down while the counselors were there.

Near the end of the morning a car pulled up with several African-American women inside. Two of the women got out, one in pajama pants. The woman was very nice and interested in what the counselor told her about the doctor’s record. She became horrified and they said they were leaving. The counselor gave her information about COLFS. She left and ended up going to COLFS the same morning but refused an ultrasound and left upset. The counselors at COLFS offered to help her as she is living with many people in an apartment.

At one time during the morning, when the sidewalk was full of prayer warriors, a young couple pulled into the parking lot past the prayer warriors, looked right up at FPA, and then drove out just as slowly as they drove in.