The following February 26 message was sent by 40 Days for Life, Sacramento

After at least a decade of Thursday morning abortions at the Planned Parenthood at 729 Sunrise Blvd in Roseville, I found out today that they are NO LONGER DOING SURGICAL ABORTIONS at that location!  Early this morning, I saw on their website no mention of surgical abortion, so I called and staff confirmed that they have quit doing surgical abortions! This is HUGE NEWS and such a beautiful answer to prayer for the faithful Christians who have been praying at 729 Sunrise for all these years!  Praise and thanks be to God!

The Roseville PP has always been one of the five surgical abortion businesses in our region.  Now there are only four!  There must not be enough demand for surgical abortions in Roseville to bring an abortionist over each Thursday, even when they charge up to $800 per “termination”.  Or, perhaps it is getting harder to find an abortionist. (The turnover within the local abortion industry has resulted in two of the four remaining surgical abortion businesses hiring new managers this month at Choice Medical on Butano and at 1750 Wright Street!)

With this change, the number of overall abortions must be dropping considerably in Roseville. However, PP Roseville still offers the abortion pill, but the pill can “only” be used to end pregnancies which are less than 9 weeks along and at PP the abortion pill costs $300-$800.   For abortions beyond that 9 week time-frame, Roseville mothers are now being referred to the Planned Parenthood downtown at 29th and B Street, where abortions are done up to 19 weeks and 6 days.  Email John for more information about praying at 29th and B Street Planned Parenthood!  Many lives have been saved there also!