The following comes from an August 5 Telegraph article by Phoebe Weston:

A newborn baby with his umbilical cord still attached has been found in an abandoned pushchair in LA.
The baby was covered in sweat, wearing pyjamas and “seemed weak” according to Alex Diaz, a father-of-two, who found him on the street. The baby was thought to be only a day old.

The pushchair was left on Vermont Avenue and Dana Street in Los Angeles, near a school and opposite St Agnes Catholic Church. Nothing is known about the mother’s condition or why she abandoned the child.

Mr. Diaz first walked past the “dirty” pushchair on Monday night around 10.30pm and then again just after noon on Tuesday. Initially he assumed it was trash, but became suspicious on passing it for the second time. He said “something inside me just told me to check”.

On lifting the blanket, he found the unnamed baby boy inside. “As soon as I touched him he started moving. Then he started crying and then he made me cry. He made me breakdown.”

He contacted the police and the infant is in California Hospital Medical Centre in a stable condition.

In 2001, the Baby Safe Surrender Law was introduced in California. The law states that parents or guardians can legally surrender infants under three-days-old to hospitals or fire stations with “no questions asked”.

Since 2014, 114 babies have been safely surrendered in Los Angeles.