Catching eyes across the city of Portland, Oregon are a series of new billboards that demand people “Stop Having Kids.”

The black and white advertisements, the project of a secretive pro-abortion group of the same name, display the simple message along with a cancel symbol across the silhouette of a baby. Christianity Daily reports the group also paid for a billboard in Salem that reads, “A lot of humans wish they were never born.”

On its website, the group claims having children is selfish and unethical. Stop Having Kids also describes itself as “pro-choice all the way” and displays messages like “Enough People Already” and “Parenthood Regret Is a Silent Epidemic” all over its website.

The group describes itself as “antinatalist,” meaning it opposes childbearing. It claims that refraining from having children “is the most efficient and effective means of minimizing suffering for all current and future sentient beings.”

Willamette Week investigated who is behind the controversial billboards and found few details. When asked about its founder, group spokeswoman Ashley Riddle only would tell the news outlet that his name is “Dietz.” The news outlet found state records showing a man named Eric Dietz Goldberg incorporated the group in January 2021.

Riddle also said an anonymous donor gave them the money for the billboards.

The disturbing rise in anti-child attitudes has many people alarmed, including pro-life advocates. 

Birth rates already are at historic lows in many countries across the world. Willamette Week noted that, in Oregon, where Stop Having Kids is based, the number of deaths outnumbered births for the first time in the history of the state in 2020.

Even Pope Francis recently addressed the growing problem. In January, he urged couples to have children or adopt, saying those who choose to have pets instead are hurting themselves and society.

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