Father Michael St. Paul, pastor of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Ladera Ranch, recently unveiled
a new work of art at the parish known for its stunning paintings of the crucifixion, the Virgin Mary and many saints. But this time, the art results from a parish-wide collaboration meant to envision what the future of Holy Trinity might look like….

While the church structure is long complete, Fr. Michael is tasked with finishing the future parish hall, rectory, offices and all the accouterment of a thriving church community. The challenge is helping the parish community see the possibilities and embrace coming attractions.

The answer to his visioning challenge came in a rusty old storage container the Knights of Columbus used to store their equipment. He could see the container, whimsically painted with a vision of the future, inspiring what the parish would become when the hammers go quiet and the dust settles.

“If we paint it, they will come,” quipped the pastor, who spent 25 years as an executive with Disney’s Magic Kingdom before becoming a priest….

“From the beginning, the parish was invited to participate in the visioning,” Fr. Michael added. “In the bulletin, we asked young people at the parish to submit their ideas about what should be painted on the side of the container. We received several really wonderful drawings and decided to blend the ideas into a cohesive portrait.”

The children’s ideas were turned over to Sarah Mikhail, who was an active Holy Trinity youth ministry member for many years and now attends Chapman University. Sarah took all the wonderful ideas and combined them into a concept drawing….

Daniel Catania, Business/Facilities Manager for Holy Trinity, coordinated the project. “I had no idea how to find an artist who could paint murals,” he added, “But I happened to talk to an old high school artist friend who recommended I contact his girlfriend, Tara Luther, who is a muralist for the Laguna Sawdust Festival, among many other assignments.”

Luther moved to Laguna Beach from Chicago several years ago, and her father, Leonard Luther, is a long time Knight. It wasn’t an easy commission….

To withstand the weather and sunlight, Luther hand-mixed the mural with quality exterior paint to achieve the color. Veteran Knight of Columbus and parishioner Lou Gabriel led the effort to prepare the container as an art canvas. He assembled a team of Knights to volunteer and procured donations for tools such as sanders to smooth and prepare the surface.

What would a parish celebration be without the Knights and their barbecues? The unveiling ceremony was followed by a parish barbecue with hot dogs and refreshments….

From OC Catholic