The following comes from a May 28 story on LifeSiteNews.

Six years of undercover videos and phone calls show that Planned Parenthood engages in illegal and unethical behavior, according to the pro-life group Live Action’s newest video and website project.

Launched earlier today, Live Action’s “Planned Parenthood EXPOSED” project calls upon Congress to stop taxpayer funding of the abortion giant. The organization has penned a letter to all members of Congress insisting that Planned Parenthood “should not receive even a cent of American taxpayers’ income.”

While Live Action’s past videos have highlighted snippets of illegal or unethical behavior, its new website has a compilation gathered since 2008.

The videos show that Planned Parenthood clinic employees have ignored state laws that require the reporting of statutory rape, and encouraged lying about rape. For example, in a video recorded in Los Angeles, a woman posing as a 15-year old girl was told to “just figure out a birth date that works, and I don’t know anything.”

Another woman, posing as a 13-year old girl who was pregnant from sex with a 31-year old man, was told by a Bloomington, Indiana clinic nurse that she should lie about the man’s age. “Just say you’ve seen him around; you know he’s 14; he’s in your grade or whatever,” said the nurse. The woman also advised the “rape victim” to go out of state for the abortion to avoid Indiana’s parental consent laws, acknowledging, “I cannot tell you this.”

Likewise, other videos show that clinic employees in Virginia, New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. advised investigators on how to get birth control, abortions, and other care for underage sex slaves. In New Jersey, investigators posing as a pimp and a prostitute were advised to make underage, foreign girls “look as legit as possible.” The clinic manager also told the investigators to “put down that they’re students” if sex slaves were minors.

In Virginia, a counselor said they help sex-trafficked minors get abortions “once or twice a month.”

Legal, but unethical, actions are also exposed in Live Action’s new effort. Donations from investigators in four states were accepted for the specific cause of aborting black babies, and in North Carolina a nurse referred an investigator for an ultrasound after being told the baby would be aborted if it were a girl. Several videos in multiple states highlight the willingness of Planned Parenthood employees to help with sex-selective abortions.

False advertising and deceptive counseling are also targets of Live Action’s videos and website.

The full 60-page report can be seen here. In addition to the letters to Congress and the videos, Live Action has launched a petition to prevent Planned Parenthood from continuing to receive federal funds.

Planned Parenthood has denied Live Action’s accusations. In a statement to, Eric Ferrero, the organization’s vice president for communications, said, “This report is just a rehash of claims and discredited assertions that have been aired years ago.”

Ferrero also said that Planned Parenthood is “a high-quality health care provider” with “extremely high standards.” He said that the organization “take[s] swift action if we learn that our high standards are not being met. That’s not what this organization’s political campaign is about; their agenda is to cut women off from access to healthcare.”

Planned Parenthood received $540.6 million in taxpayer funding in the year ending June 30, 2013. Separately, over $650,000 went to clinics in five states to be used for helping people navigate the Affordable Care Act.

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