Center for Medical Progress video released January 5, 2016

The following comes from an August 7 LifeNews story by Matthew Belan:

Planned Parenthood and its defenders have constantly played up that the recent undercover videos from the Center for Medical Progress were “highly-edited,” and that producers are “not journalists,” but “violent extremists.” However, one of the Big Three networks aired their own segment on biomedical firms possibly breaking the law to obtain organs from unborn babies.

In 2000, Chris Wallace, then with ABC, revealed on 20/20 that a “hidden camera investigation has found a thriving industry, in which aborted fetuses women donate to help medical research are being marketed for hundreds – even thousands of dollars.”

The main target of the ABC investigation, Dr. Miles Jones, “over lobster bisque and roast duck…explained the business of selling human fetuses” – echoing the first Center for Medical Progress video, where Planned Parenthood’s senior director of medical service, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, ate a salad and sipped on wine while discussed the sale of fetal body parts. The network’s report also included a clip from the then-president of the abortion organization, Gloria Feldt, who contended that businesses such as Dr. Jones’s were “totally inappropriate. Where there is wrongdoing, it should be prosecuted; and people who are doing that kind of thing should be brought to justice.”

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