The following comes from an April 1 release emailed by Nevada Right to Life.

The Nevada senate is 11 Rep to 10 Dem. The Nevada house is 25 Rep to 17 Dem. The 2nd term governor is Catholic Republican Brian Sandoval.

Speaker of the Assembly, John Hambrick, introduced AB405 on March 17, 2015 and we thank him. This bill is our top priority. As many are aware (yet sadly many more are not) Nevada girls of any age can obtain an abortion without any parent or guardian ever knowing. Can you imagine a 13 year old girl undergoing a surgical procedure involving anesthetics without those who know her medical history ever knowing? Nevada currently protects predators, not the most innocent among us…young girls.

Unbelievably, there are those in the legislature who would side against parents and against their underage daughters. Whose side are they on? Sexual predators? Abortionists? Human traffickers?

Please take a moment today as time is of the essence to call each of the members of the Assembly Health and Human Services Committee to protect young girls and re-establish parental rights with regard to surgical abortions on underage girls.

Give the simple message of:

Protect the rights of parents and the safety of their underage girls. Allow AB405 a hearing and support it because:

  • Parents have their daughter’s best interest and more importantly their medical history…no one else does
  • Abortion is a surgical procedure. No other surgical procedure grants children the ability to provide informed consent
  • This is a common sense law. There is judicial bypass for those rare occasions when parents are abusive
  • This is a means to protect girls from predatory sex abusers and human traffickers
  • A child under 18 cannot get a tattoo, a band-aid, aspirin or use a tanning bed in the state of Nevada without parental consent let alone simple notification
  • A child under 18 cannot miss school without parental involvement, yet she can get a surgical abortion
  • Parents should be involved in all medical decisions – including abortions

Governor Brian Sandoval – 775-684-5670
(Please keep your promise and support parental notification for underage girls seeking secret abortions)
James Oscarson, Chair – 775-684-8805 *
Robin Titus, Vice Chair – 775-684-8507 *
Jill Dickman – 775-684-8563 *
David Gardner – 775-684-8549 *
John Hambrick – 775-684-8827 *
Brent Jones – 775-684-8573 *
John Moore – 775-684-8537 *
Glenn Trowbridge – 775-684-8505 * Glenn.Trowbridge@asm.state.nv.u

Finally, please fill out this Nevada Legislature opinion poll. CLICK HERE. Input AB405 as the bill name, and include your name and address.

Melissa Clement
President, Nevada Right to Life