The following email about St. George’s parish in Ontario (San Bernadino diocese) was sent to Cal Catholic on Christmas Day, Dec. 25.

 Dear Msgr. Lopez,

Paz and Bien en el Día de Navidad.

Yesterday at around 2:30pm, I went out to the parish office and noticed our Nativity Scene was on fire.

There was a man running around as if to look for someone, I asked him to help putting out the fire while I run into the church to get the fire extinguisher. Fortunately, only the Christmas tree was burned. We called police and five of them came with some fire fighters to investigate to see if there is any link to the incident that happened at the old church the day before.

The Nativity scene was rearranged on time for the Christmas Vigil at 5:00pm.
The police officers investigated until 6:00pm and they assured us of keeping an eye on the Church at night. Last night we had to call our security guy from 11 to 7am.

This is for your information. It was indeed a crazy day.


Fr. Trung Mai, svd