The University of Dallas will become the first college or university to host a convent for the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia, a teaching order of Catholic religious sisters also known as the Nashville Dominicans.

Several Sisters of St. Cecilia have taught at UD since 2016 and served the Diocese of Dallas since 2019. The Sisters also teach at Mary Immaculate Catholic Elementary School in Farmers Branch. However, they have relied on temporary residences since their arrival in Texas in 2016.

“For several years now, the University of Dallas has benefited from the excellent teaching and apostolic focus of the Sisters of St. Cecilia,” said University president Jonathan Sanford. “We are proud to become the permanent home of these faithful servants of God.”

The timeline for construction will be determined by meeting certain planning milestones and fundraising goals, and the university is working together with the congregation on planning, fundraising, construction and maintenance of the convent. The proposed convent will be located east of SB Hall to give the sisters privacy while allowing ease of access to UD’s campus and religious neighbors, Holy Trinity Seminary, St. Albert the Great Priory & Novitiate, and Our Lady of Dallas Cistercian Abbey.

Sr. Catherine Anne Burleigh, OP, BA ’94, vicaress general for the congregation, expressed gratitude for the partnership.

“We are so grateful to the University of Dallas for its desire to provide a convent on campus for our sisters teaching at UD and Mary Immaculate,” Sr. Burleigh said….

From the University of Dallas