Parental rights advanced last week in deep blue California, as another school district required teachers to notify parents if their children begin to identify as transgender.

The school board of the Murrieta Valley Unified School District adopted a Parental Notification Policy by a 3-2 vote Thursday. Under it, teachers must contact a parent or guardian within three days if their child attempts to use a name, pronoun, restroom, or changing facility of the opposite sex, or compete on a sports team of the opposite sex.

Murrieta Valley school board members Paul Diffley, Nicolas Pardue, and Julie Vandergrift voted yes; members Linda Lunn and Nancy Young voted no.

“This policy is especially helpful for the younger kids who start dabbling with this,” Pardue told “Washington Watch” guest host and former Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga., the day after the vote.

Gender transition at increasingly younger ages “has become a fad,” Pardue said, “because there are some activist teachers who push this agenda.”

Families must be able to shield their children from the predatory transgender industry, said an eyewitness who regrets the brief time she identified as transgender.

“Parents deserve to know if their child is adopting a trans identity at school, because [gender] transition is not harmless. There are kids like me being seriously injured by this,” Chloe Cole, who had a double mastectomy at age 15 before embracing her biological sex within two years, testified at the Murrieta Valley school board meeting.

“The reality is, sex cannot be changed,” Cole told the school board. “As an educational institution, you have a duty to stand for truth. Your policies need to reflect reality and not opinion. You have a duty to stand against ideologies that are held up by low-quality research.”

“The entire trajectory of my life has been altered by delusional ideas that were pushed on me from a young age” and “weaponized by doctors to push a political agenda for monetary gain,” she added. “Socially transitioning is not benign. … It takes away years of necessary social development as your real, biological sex.”

Cole’s testimony “really stuck in my heart, because we all know that teenagers make bad choices, and it is up to us as adults to help them make better choices,” Pardue told Hice.

“I was allowed to grow up as an innocent kid,” the school board member said. “When they talk about ‘a safe space,’ the classroom should be a safe space from politics.”

Murrieta Valley is the second school district to adopt a parental notification policy in less than 30 days; neighboring Chino Valley Unified School District adopted a similar policy July 20….

California Attorney General Rob Bonta, a Democrat, also began investigating the Chino Valley school board — a move leftists urged him to take against the Murrieta school board six days before it voted on the parental rights policy….

Bonta promptly announced that he has Murrieta in the crosshairs. The attorney general said he felt “deeply disturbed to learn another school district” had adopted a parental rights policy. He described it as a “forced outing policy” that “put at risk the safety and privacy of transgender and gender-nonconforming students….”

From the Daily Signal