The following comes from a Jan. 13 release from Americans United for Life.

Americans United for Life released the 2015 Life List and Life List All Stars after analyzing progress made legislatively or in litigation in 2014. The Life List takes into account the 50 states’ overall advances since Roe v. Wade toward re-building a culture of life, including events of the last year. Coming in at number 1 for the 6th year in a row is Louisiana followed by Mississippi, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

“In the last four years, states have enacted more than 200 pro-life laws protecting women and girls from abortion industry abuses,” said AUL President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest….”

Pro-life All-stars in 2014 were Oklahoma, Mississippi, Arizona, Texas, and Indiana.

How safe women are from abortion industry abuses and substandard care depends on the laws of the states in which they live. The 2015 Women’s Health and Safety Rankings illustrates the level of legal protections found across the country, as outlined in the Women’s Protection Project. Only nine states offer strong legal protections for women; 16 states provide moderate protection, 12 states offer minimal protection and sadly, 13 states are ranked as dangerous for their failure to regulate the abortion industry by holding them accountable for the conditions they create that can endanger women.

To learn more about the 2015 Life List, the Life List All Star states, and the legislative and legal work that took place state by state across the country, click here.

AUL’s strategy has attracted a lot of attention in recent years; New York Times Magazine observed that AUL “put more muscle into fighting for restrictions on the state level — chipping away at Roe one legislature at a time….”

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