On Monday, March 30, the Concerned Parents and Students: TeachAcceptance group marched from San Francisco’s Mission Dolores Church to St. Mary’s Cathedral. The march was in opposition to San Francisco Archbishop Cordileone’s initiative to ensure a faithful Catholic identity in the high schools of the archdiocese of San Francisco. Around 200 people attended.

As CalCatholic noted in coverage of the group‘s previous demonstration, it is not dominated by students. For a movement that sells itself as a coalition of high schoolers, the march featured more senior citizens than high school seniors. One group that has become intertwined with Concerned Parents and Students: TeachAcceptance is Dignity San Francisco, the local branch of Dignity USA. Dignity is an organization of homosexual activists attempting to remake the Catholic Church.

There is quite a bit of cross-posting on the Facebook pages of DignitySF and Concerned Parents. The entire photo album chronicling Monday’s march, and to which the Concerned Parents page links, is hosted on the Facebook page of DignitySF. Among the middle-aged to elderly prominent at Monday’s march were two gray-haired men carrying a large “TeachAcceptance” banner, Ernest Camisa and Ed Malcolm. Camisa is the Secretary of Dignity San Francisco. Malcolm is one of DignitySF’s Directors-at-large.

An integral arm of DignitySF is The Defenders, an s/m group that practices “Leather Spirituality.” From June 30-July 5, DignityUSA will host its 2015 Convention at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle. Keynote speakers include Justin Tanis, a woman who now considers herself a man; ex-Catholic priest Jim Smith; and celebrity gay promoter Dan Savage.

At the convention, Tanis will discuss “Seeing the Divine in Us: Queer Images of Jesus, Mary and the Saints.” Dignity’s convention webpage describes her as “the managing director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry at Pacific School of Religion.” Left unmentioned is her frequent role as a leader of workshops at s/m conferences on being a “slave.” From the program for the 2012 Master/slave Conference (formatting in original), where Tanis gave workshops and served on the three-person education team: “slave justin has been enjoying SM for over 20 years and has served as a slave for almost 14 years.”

Another speaker is ex-Catholic priest Jim Smith, who will give a workshop on Orgasmic Prayer: “God did not create us with nerve endings for nothing. Every daily experience of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing is a doorway to communion with God. In this session, you will practice the presence of God with props that engage your senses with Spirit!”

Much of Dan Savage’s profanity-laced anti-Catholicism can be found online. In 2012 Savage told a high school journalism convention we can “ignore the bull—- in the Bible” and, when students walked out in protest, called them “pansies.”

At least one person at the march was certainly aware of the nature of Dignity. Homosexual activist priest Father Donal Godfrey, campus minister at the University of San Francisco, was there. In July of 2009, Godfrey himself gave a workshop at Dignity USA’s convention in San Francisco.