Poland’s bishops have called for more Masses as a response to the coronavirus epidemic. 

Archbishop Stanisław Gądecki, writing as the leader of the Polish bishops’ conference, has released a statement asking that the extra Masses be made available so that the congregations will be smaller. 

“Acknowledging the recommendation of the Chief Sanitary Inspector that there not be large gatherings of people, I’m asking for the increase – insofar as this is possible – in the number of Sunday Masses in the churches, so that at any one time the number of faithful participating in the liturgies are according to the sanitary regulation,”Gądecki wrote.  

The Polish archbishop of Poznań declared that it was “unimaginable” for Polish Catholics not to pray in their churches. 

“In the current situation, I wish to remind you that just as hospitals treat diseases of the body, so the Church serves to, among other things, treat illness of the soul; that is why it is unimaginable that we not pray in our churches,” he wrote. 

“I remind you that, in the current situation, old people and the sick can stay at home and from there watch broadcasts of Holy Mass,” he continued, offering a list of Masses broadcast on various Polish television stations.

“I remind you that there is no rule that during Mass you have to give the sign of peace by shaking hands,” Gądecki added. 

“Let us commend to God those who have died because of coronavirus. Let us pray for health for the sick as well as for doctors, medical personnel and all the services who are working to stop the spread of this virus,” he continued. 

“We pray for the end of the epidemic. In accordance with the Tradition of the Church, I encourage you especially to pray the [Trisagion] prayer of supplication ‘Holy God, Holy Mighty…’.” 

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