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MonksInk started two years ago, when an oblate (a lay Benedictine associated with a specific monastery) suggested to St. Andrew’s [in Valyermo north of Los Angeles] abbott, Abbot Damien, that the monks consider selling ink and toner cartridges after a hoped-for partner arrangement with another monastery fell through due to the other business closing.

“We liked the idea of selling these products,” says Fr. Joseph Brennan, prior of the order, who has been at the monastery nearly 20 years. “We needed to do something a little different. Every monastery has something unique about them. For example, a monastery in Louisiana makes soap. Some make jellies and jams. The Camaldolese make amazing fruitcake. But we never developed anything like that. Until now, we only produced ceramics, and even these were designed by a brother monk in Belgium. We really needed to do something different. MonksInk was a good fit.”

The monks got up to speed quickly. Ordering products is easy—whether done on the monks’ streamlined, easy-to-use website or by phone. Product selection meets or exceeds what one could find at any big box office supply store—including ink and toner options for every make and model of printer, fax and copy machine, from HP and Epson to Xerox, and every brand in between….

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