On Sept. 29, 2022, the Norbertines at St. Michael’s Abbey hosted a feast of sorts – a reception held in the courtyard following Mass that featured Monastic brews (beer) produced in the Abbey’s kitchen by its seminarians and overseen by Fr. Peter Adrian Miller.

The Abbey’s seminarians follow a one-barrel system (1BBL) of brewing. Generous friends (and brewery owners) of the Abbey have lent the necessary equipment.

That rhythm includes a vigorous sanitation process and according to Fr. Peter Adrian, “To be a good brewer you need to be both a janitor and a chemist.”

There is also a special Rite of Blessing for the beer. For Michaelmas, the seminarians brewed 100 gallons of beer and although they have produced all kinds of styles, they focused on just three for this event – Rosa Mystica, an English Ale; Dolorosa, an Oatmeal Stout; and Domus Aurea, a Belgian Golden.

Frater Gereon said that oftentimes, people will ask why their beers are given names associated with the Blessed Mother.

“For people not of the faith and wondering about it, it plants a seed in their head of who is this Blessed
Virgin and why are we naming these delicious beers after her when some of the other beers out there are named after pretty awful, demonic things,” he said.

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