At the Sidewalk recently, a father came out to talk with us.  His wife was inside about to abort their twins. They were unemployed and homeless.  Desperate.  By the grace of God and the power of prayer, this couple changed their mind and have chosen life for their twin babies- a little girl and a little boy, now 17 weeks along, due to be born on Valentine’s Day 2018.

How can we help this mom, husband and family (they have a ten year old daughter and five year old son), along with the twins due next February?  First, thank you to everyone who has already helped! Here are areas we are currently working on:

• Employment for Dad:  Dad starts a new job today with a pro-life construction contractor.  Please pray everything goes well!  Thank you to the local contractor for offering this job!

• Housing for the homeless family: Donors have helped us provide a hotel room for this family while we search for more sustainable housing, such as an apartment.  This costs $100 per night and to get them into an apartment, we would need $1,000.  If you would like to contribute to that cost, my PayPal account is  and checks can be made out to me and mailed to: Wynette Sills, PO Box 642, Pleasant Grove, CA 95668.

• Transportation for school age children:  If you live in the Roseville/North Highlands/Antelope/Sacramento area and would like to help get two school age children to and from school, please email me and I can help connect you with the family.  Even one day a week would be a huge help!  This would be at 7:30 am and 3:00 pm.

• Car Repair- The family has two vehicles that are both broken down.  We have a local gentleman who is helping us make decisions on car repair expenses and/or purchasing another vehicle.  If you have a reliable car that is running that you would like to donate to this family, please email me.

• Foster-care for family dog- If you live in the Sacramento/Roseville/North Highlands area and would like to help care for the homeless family’s Labrador dog, please email me, as this would be a big help!

• Prayer- Please pray for this family as they are making some very important decisions.

• Adoption- The parents are considering adoption for the twins, as they want a more sustainable living condition for their family and the very best for their children.

From Californians for Life newsletter.