Father Patrick Devine, a missionary in East Africa for 30 years, was in San Diego during Christmas week meeting with local pro-lifers.

Cardinal John Njue, archbishop of Nairobi, Kenya, has written a letter of support for Father Devine .

Father Devine founded the Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution in 2009. He is now working to found the Mary and Joseph Life Centre under Shalom to counter the evil of abortion. The center would be on the outskirts of Nairobi, where three large urban slums converge. The center’s clinic would include the practice of an ob-gyn, using Napro technology and 3D/4D sonograms.

In the cardinal’s words: “Your financial support will enable the Mary and Joseph Life Centre to offer authentically Catholic OB-GYN medical care, sonograms to abortion-minded women and educational programs….”

Father Devine is scheduled to return to Africa, leaving on Dec. 29, but he can be reached via email pdevine@shalomconflictcenter.org

Donations can be made payable to and sent to the Shalom Centre of Africa, 117 West 28th Street, New York NY 10001 or via the website.