Graffiti that says “Native Land” in red paint on the Mission San Jose in Fremont is being investigated as a hate crime, the police department said in a news release on Saturday.

The graffiti, which includes splatters of paint that the Fremont Police Department said simulated blood, was painted on the side of a church on the mission grounds. A photo of the graffiti shows the writing on both sides of a wooden door decorated with a red, white and blue half-circle banner. It was reported to morning patrol officers and was painted overnight, the department said in its news release.

“This is a Catholic Church, this is where I pray,” Galvan said. “Not only is this vandalism, this is desecration of a sacred site.”

Also critical was Dave Rosetto, of Fremont, who was also at the church on Saturday afternoon helping to clean.

“I’d like somebody to show me what good came out of this,” Rosetto said.

The above comes from a July 4 story in the East Bay Times.