The following comes from a May 9 story in the LA archdiocese’s newspaper, The Angelus:

This is my story about how I was given a light, a way and a chance that saved my son’s life.

When I found out I was pregnant, I was fearful and uncertain. My friends asked, “Are you going to keep it?” Obviously, I had a choice.

I had eight months to go before I graduated nursing school. I was in a relationship that was going south by the minute. I had no car and little income. I was not ready to have a baby.

All I needed to do was take a pill and the rest would be history. No one had to know and life could go on as I intended. This was a very persuasive argument. Until I took the abortion pill, it seemed like the right decision.

Lying in bed after I took the abortion pill, I began to think. This world was only for a short while, but my choice to abort this baby would be eternal. I would have to face my Creator. It was crystal clear to me that I made a huge mistake.

I hopped out of bed, went downstairs and began to search on Google. I clicked on “abortion reversal.”

“Is it true that the abortion pill can be reversed?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said. She was nurse Liz Delgado, wife of Dr. George Delgado, of Culture of Life Family Services in San Diego. She gave me a number and told me to call the doctor.

His name was Dr. Jim Baggot. Dr. Baggot told me to meet him at the hospital promptly. It was about 11 p.m. when I arrived to meet with the mysterious miracle doctor.

Everything was uncertain and surreal. But this doctor quieted those feelings. He was different from any other doctor I have met.

First of all, he was expected to fly out the following morning to a convention. He dropped what he was doing to meet me and my fetus.

Second, it wasn’t a rushed meeting. He greeted me, he educated me, and most importantly, he spoke with me about my fears and comforted me with the Word of God.

Yes, the Word of God. There was nothing more powerful he could have prescribed me that night because from that moment I surrendered my fears and let the professional and God steer the way for me and my unborn baby.

Next was the medical goal to flood my system with natural progesterone to overpower the abortion pill. This was followed by vaginal progesterone for the rest of my pregnancy.

I wondered if this would work or was it already too late? After I went home, no bleeding or cramping occurred.

The following Saturday Dr. Baggot was back from his trip. My mom accompanied me to see if the reversal worked.

We met the doctor for an ultrasound. The baby had a strong heartbeat that resonated throughout the room. Wow. It worked.

Now my fear was — how much damage had I done to this baby with that pill? When I voiced these fears with Dr. Baggot, he never once succumbed to the negative “what if’s.”

Instead, he always directed the attention to the miracle baby growing inside me. Despite any damage that could have been done to the baby, it could also have been overcome. God was that powerful.

From then on, I reminded myself that this was no longer in my control. God was in control. All I could control was taking my supplements, going to my appointments and preparing myself for my baby.

Every ultrasound, consultation and blood draw came out perfectly. My son grew and grew strong. He was delivered at eight pounds, one ounce with an APGAR score of 8 and 9 (good!).

He was gorgeous. He takes my breath away every day.

He crawled on the first day of life. On day five he turned his head from one side to the other while in a prone position. At his two-month visit, his pediatric doctor told us that he looks great and for us to be aware he will probably be advanced with crawling and walking.

I completed nursing school, passing exams before and after the delivery. The boyfriend is on his way to becoming a good husband. As I laid my son down to sleep tonight I started to cry.

Despite all the troubles, I have my son in my life and no problem seems too big with him. He is God’s miracle. He is God’s gift to me and this world and I feel so blessed to be his mom.

I just want to hold my miracle son and pass our story to the countless persons who are just like us — those who need an answer and a glimpse of God’s real plan.