Famously gay conservative Milo Yannopoulos sat down with Michael Voris on June 29 for almost an hour. Only now he’s ex-gay. You can watch here on the Church Militant site.

The 49 minutes was full of noteworthy statements.

1. One was that Milo implied that Voris had something to do with Milo leaving the gay life. Milo mentioned that he had appeared on the Patrick Coffin show, but that somehow Voris had pushed him into full conversion to the Catholic faith. At the end of the Church Militant show, Milo asked for prayers that he would keep his chastity.

2. “I’m amazed that anyone is heterosexual in America. I mean, this is the gayest country in the world. Not just that there are well-meaning left women in Parliament… This is aggressive, strategic, relentless, homosexuality and you’re forced to press your nose up to the glass 24-7 in this country.”

3. “It’s about fatherhood, having present male role models to whom you aspire and with whom you have a respectful relationship, somebody who teaches you how to go from a boy to a man.”