For this reason, a complaint was lodged with the Directorate of Religious Affairs of the Ministry of the Interior accusing the Catholic leader of violating the principle of Lay State with the interference of the cleric in matters that are addressed and resolved in governmental instances.

Carlos Atilano Peña, president of the Council of Independent Citizen Organizations, announced the action taken by the LGBT community of Mexicali and said it is an issue that has to do with the protection of human rights.

“We have observed that the legislative activity has been truncated or suspended due to the great pressures of various groups of religious associations headed by the bishop and some other related associations such as Provida or Profamilia that have prevented the continuity of the process.”

In the two occasions in which the local deputies have tried to present the initiative that modifies the civil code to recognize the union between couples of men or women, the bishop of Mexicali has attended the Congress together with religious groups that reject this type of marriage.

In addition to this, the LGBT community filed three more complaints for the same reason before the State Human Rights Commission.

The above comes from a March 7 story in El Sol de Tijuana.