The following comes from a December 20 Juicy Ecumenism blog post by Chelsen Vicari:

The Western Methodist Justice Movement (WMJM), an unofficial caucus group within the Western Jurisdiction of The United Methodist Church (UMC), is calling on its members to attend the Health Committee of the Los Angeles City Council hearing to help “put CPCs [Crisis Pregnancy Centers] on the defense.”

The LA City Council hearing on January 23 will investigate faith-based crisis pregnancy centers’s alleged “false advertising,” oddly the day after Roe v. Wade’s 44th anniversary and the same week as the annual March for Life, the world’s largest pro-life rally.

In a newsletter, the Western Methodist Justice Movement accuses the pregnancy centers of a “devious approach” and hopes Los Angeles will take steps to hold them “accountable for lying to women,” but they fail to outline exactly what they believe to be false advertising.