After months of parish level consultation and outreach, the Diocese will convene a gathering of more than a thousand people at Riverside City College on August 19 to discuss the important role of Hispanic people in the Catholic Church.

This Diocesan V Encuentro event will welcome delegates from the faith communities of San Bernardino and Riverside counties to gather together around the table, to ponder and analyze the many responses people have offered to the U.S. Catholic Church in the first phase of this four year project.

Leading up to this event the V Encuentro Team of the Diocese has kept busy accompanying all the “Missionary Disciples” who have been gathering important responses from people on the peripheries regarding the consultation the U.S. Bishops have asked from Latino and Hispanic Catholics.

This consultation is essential because it takes place where millions of Hispanic /Latino Catholics live, within the peripheries of families, church and society. Those who reached out and listened attentively to Catholics whom may have felt unheard, desolate, or disaffected, will be challenged to evaluate structures and ways to do ministry as part of a pastoral conversion. Young Catholics have been especially invited to share their hopes and frustrations.

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