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With the Kermit Gosnell trial bringing the issue of late-term abortion to the forefront of the life debate lately, there has also been a lot of new attention focused on late-term abortionists. The pro-abortion camp has glorified them with such undertakings as the Sundance Film Festival hit After Tiller, which depicts late-term abortionists as an elite group of admirable physicians who have braved widespread opposition to provide abortions past 28 weeks. Our own Inhuman investigation paints a more accurate picture, however, recording admissions from physicians and staff regarding their propensity to achieve the death of a developed baby at all costs.

In the posh Los Angeles suburb of Beverly Hills one such physician, Josepha Seletz, runs her late-term abortion business (aka human butcher shop) amid the manicured, upscale restaurants and shopping centers of the locale. Pro-Choice Medical Center can be found inconspicuously occupying a building at 99 La Cienega Blvd. It may look like a polished exterior, but the inside rooms of Pro-Choice Medical Center have been privy to the gruesome deaths of developed pre-born children, resulting in images like these (warning: graphic). Seletz states on her website that she offers first trimester surgical and medicated abortions, as well as second trimester abortions, and “late-term,” or third trimester abortions.

Seletz was brought up in her abortion career at Eve Surgical Center (now closed) in Los Angeles, where abortionist James McMahon developed the infamous Partial-Birth Abortion method, which was a form of late-term abortion used in the United States before it was outlawed under President George W. Bush. (Other, equally brutal methods of late-term abortion still exist and are legal in the United States.) Seletz quit her job at Eve Surgical Center shortly before its closing in 2011, when she opened Pro-Choice Medical Center in Beverly Hills.

At Eve Surgical Center, Seletz was associated with a fellow abortionist, Christopher Dotson, who is responsible for the 2005 death of a woman named Oriane Shevin, a 34-year-old attorney and mother of two who died after being given an off-label version of the RU-486 abortion drug by Dotson. Dotson paid out $1 million in a settlement as a result of Shevin’s death.

Despite overly-worked attempts on her website to make abortion sound like the most wonderful medical procedure a woman can have — complete with a receptionist who “specializes in making an otherwise difficult situation an uneventful experience” — a recent review of Seletz, by a man who may have been the husband of one of Seltz’s patients, suggests that the persona she presents on her website may be much nicer than the one her patients actually encounter. According to the review, which comes from the public website, Seltez’s facility is unwelcoming, her staff is rude, and she is more concerned with being paid than with taking care of her patients. According to the review:

We were VERY distraught during our consultation, but she provided little comfort… While my wife was getting prepped for the procedure, I was sitting in the awkwardly crammed waiting room when I over heard Dr. Seletz talking to one of her staff about a patient that was there for a consultation. Dr. Seletz had fairly loudly said, “If this lady doesn’t have a boat-load of cash, this is going to be a two minute consultation and she’s still going to be pregnant.” I was astonished by her coldness…. Synopsis: Dr. Seletz performs about 1,200 abortions per year (most are late term) and has been doing this for about 30 years. She is only one of four doctors in the country that would have done this procedure for us (and makes between $5 – $9 million per year after overhead expenses)… if you’re human, be prepared for a very cold, traumatic experience.

This inhuman treatment of people is characteristic of the late-term abortionists Live Action has interviewed in its undercover investigation.  For example, Dr. LeRoy Carhart referred to the late-term abortion process, wherein a woman must carry her dead child for up to three days after the abortion before delivering it, as having “meat in a crock pot.” In addition to Live Action’s four Inhuman abortionists, the gruesome practices of Douglas Karpen (the “Texas Gosnell“) have recently been exposed. Now that the Gosnell monstrosities have come to light nationwide, late-term abortionists like can prepare to receive more scrutiny than ever before.

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