On January 6, 2021, Matthew Perna walked through an open door in the U.S. Capitol. Two police officers manned the door. They appeared welcoming. For 20 minutes, Perna walked through the halls, took videos, and shouted “USA, USA.” Then he left.

Last Friday night, Perna went into his garage in little-town Pennsylvania and hung himself. Perna had become the victim of Joe Biden’s Justice Department and the FBI. He was hounded for a year, rejected by friends, lost his job, and was subjected to widespread ridicule. And he was on the cusp of receiving upward of six years in prison. All this for walking through an open door, not causing any damage, not threatening anyone, taking a few videos, and shouting patriotic slogans.

There is no other way to put this. Matthew Perna was a political prisoner. The FBI report shows that abundantly. The report notes ominously that he was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hoodie. He is seen on a video shouting “USA, USA.” Understand, these political acts are now crimes.
Two of his Facebook “friends” told the FBI Perna believed in “conspiracy theories;” which “conspiracy theories” we are never told. One of them told the FBI Perna “supported QAnon.”

Understand, this was based on assertions of people Perna might never have met but who cruised his Facebook page. One of them said he “had known Perna due to living in the same town and often saw Perna at a local business.” Oh yes, this person had seen on Facebook that Perna had purchased a handgun.
Consider the unequal treatment Perna received compared to the rioters who burned American cities during the Summer of George Floyd.

It very well could be that some of those who entered the Capitol did so with ill-intent. But the same net that captured those guys has also caught the innocent like antler man and this poor soul, Matthew Perna, who was hounded by the U.S. government for his political beliefs and now lies in a coffin waiting to be buried by his grieving family.

Something rotten has come to this country. We have every reason to be afraid of our own government.

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