The following comes from a May 24 story on the site of MassResistance.

As the “transgender” agenda being forced across the country becomes more totalitarian by the day, we believe that it’s time to be even more publicly vocal.

So this past Saturday, California MassResistance was again on the sidewalk in front of the Target store in Torrance, CA. protesting the chain’s extremely offensive new “transgender bathroom” policy, and engaging customers directly. Even though it was quickly organized and fewer activists were there than last week, they made a big impression!

And (except for the store’s management!) the reaction was overwhelmingly positive.

People understand a strong, clear message. Sadly in this battle, most pro-family groups avoid confronting the core LGBT issue of “transgenderism”. (They’re afraid of being called “hateful”, etc.) So they only talk about men in women’s restrooms. Unfortunately, that weak approach gives the radical LGBT movement a free pass. And it further confuses the public.

We don’t compromise on anything. We know that the truth resonates with people. In front of Target, the message to people from California MassResistance director Arthur Schaper was very clear:

We’ve looked at the studies on it. Transgenderism is a disorder. There are individuals who try to change their sex but it doesn’t work. The real problems need to be treated with proper counseling. Let’s affirm reality and let’s protect women and children. Boycott Target until they overturn their destructive transgender bathroom policy.

Even Arthur was surprised at the number of people who listened to his message or read our flyer that he passed out, then turned around and left and promised never to shop at Target again!

A few pro-LGBT liberals did confront the protesters. They were mostly just angry and irrational – consistent with the illogical nature of the “transgender” movement itself.

As expected, several Target managers and security people came out and ordered the protesters to leave the area. But since they were standing on a public sidewalk, the activists refused to be intimidated. The Target people gave up and went back into the store.

Arthur later told us: “Friends of mine who work at local restaurants told me how glad they are to see our protests. Another friend of mine was driving by and saw me. While talking to one friend, another person overhearing our conversation told us he agreed, and even talked about the moral insanity which took over his high school. ‘Individual students could sign a waiver, claiming to be male or female and go into the bathroom which corresponded with their gender identity,’ he said.”