Nearly five years after Marymount California University celebrated the signing of a lease to use the Lucerne Castle as its Northern California campus, university officials abruptly ordered an exit from the facility without giving prior notice to students, staff, partner organizations or the county of Lake, which owns the building.

It’s a move that local leaders call both shocking and disappointing, and one that leaves students currently working toward degrees or those set to begin classes in the fall in an uncertain position.

The action also violates the university’s lease agreement with the county, signed in 2012, according to County Administrative Officer Carol Huchingson.

“We’re very disappointed,” said Huchingson.

Huchingson said MCU’s actions came about 10 days after Dr. Lucas Lamadrid, the university’s president since April 2016, met with her and Scully to discuss operations at the building.

“At that point the discussion was that their enrollments were low,” said Huchingson.

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