Actor Mark Wahlberg took to Instagram to congratulate his son and all other young Catholics for their Catholic Confirmations this month.

The 50-year-old Uncharted star posted photos of his family as they celebrated his son Michael’s conformation along with a caption joking, “So proud of this young man. Congrats buddy!! Even though mommy deserves most of the credit. Thanks babe.”

Wahlberg also posted a congratulatory video recorded in Europe, in which he encouraged all young Catholics everywhere who earned their confirmation this year.

“Good morning from Europe,” Wahlberg said. “Just got down on my hands and knees to express my gratitude on this beautiful day. Congratulations to my son Michael on making his confirmation. All the young people out there who were confirmed and taking their relationship with the lord into their adulthood, what a commitment you guys have made.”

….The woke mob has been trying to cancel the star for years. In June of 2020 after he wrote a social media post hoping that Americans could come together to cope with the murder of George Floyd and tagged it “Black Lives Matter,” leftists went on the attack, calling him a racist for an incident he was involved in when he was a teen in 1988….

This year, Wahlberg struck back, blasting the cancel culture for so quickly “giving up” on people who make mistakes.

Upon the release of Father Stu, Wahlberg said that the film has a very particular message.

“This movie has a very clear message that we are not going to give up on people,” Mark Wahlberg said. “We are not going to turn our backs on people because of mistakes that they’ve made. We are going to tell people and encourage people that nobody is beyond redemption and that we support you, we love you, we accept you for who you are….”

The above comes from a June 1 posting on Breitbart.