Mark Shriver is scheduled to be the featured keynote speaker this Saturday morning, February 23, at the Los Angeles archdiocesan Religious Education Congress in Anaheim.

Son of pro-life Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver, Mark is the brother of Maria Shriver Schwarzenegger and the nephew of Ted Kennedy.

Upon the death of Eunice Kennedy Shriver in 2009, Susan B. Anthony staffers said Mrs. Shriver and her “heart for the most vulnerable” will be “deeply missed. She fought for the dignity inherent in every human life, born and unborn.”

Mark Shriver attended College of the Holy Cross, got a master’s from Harvard, and served in the Maryland House of Delegates from 1994 to 2002. He ran in the Democratic primary for the U.S. House in 2002 but was defeated in the primary.

In a January 8, 2013 release, the Cardinal Newman Society reported on Mark Shriver’s appearance at the University of San Francisco: “Ironically, he will be speaking about his new book A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver which is about his father, a pro-life Catholic.

“While a 2002 candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Maryland, Mark Shriver stated in a Washington Post interview, ‘Women’s issues are critically important and I will continue to fight for a women’s right to choose; family planning funds; maternal and child health funding and education for girls both here and abroad.’

“The university’s website also touts Shriver being senior vice president of U.S. Programs at Save the Children, a pro-contraceptive charity with reported ties to Planned Parenthood.”

Shriver will speak on  “Faith, Hope and Love in Action” at the Religious Education Congress on Saturday.