On April 21, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that five members of the Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist walked out of their classrooms last Friday rather than tolerate pro-LGBT literature in their classrooms.

The Chronicle reported:  “The five members of the Dominican Sisters of Mary order exited their classrooms Friday as students began handing out flyers at the Kentfield school promoting a nationwide Day of Silence.

At issue was Friday’s annual Day of Silence, promoted by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network — whose corporate sponsors include McDonald’s, Target, Disney/ABC, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Google and the NBA. It bills itself as a group of ‘students, parents, and teachers that tries to effect positive change in schools,’  but the nuns at Marin Catholic High see it as anti-Catholic.

The school declined to participate in the Day of Silence. Instead, a morning prayer was read over the school’s PA system ‘to acknowledge and pray for students everywhere who have the experience of being ostracized, marginalized or silenced by bullying,’ school officials wrote in their letter.

‘Our intention was not to take part in a Day of Silence, but rather take a moment in the morning to pray together as a school community,’ the letter to parents said.

Unfortunately, the administrators said, the school’s message was ‘compromised and misinterpreted’ the night before when it was linked on Facebook to the campaign by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, ‘an activist group with which we are not affiliated.’