Earlier this month, the Marie Stopes Mexico Foundation set up its first abortion facility in Tijuana, just 10 kilometers from the San Ysidro border port, which leads to California.

[The foundation is named after Marie Stopes, a eugenicist.}

 This is the ninth clinic that they have installed in Mexican territory and comes after the reform that in October 2021 made Baja California the first and only Mexican state on the border with the United States to decriminalize abortion.

From the first days the clinic opened in early July, women came for appointments and abortions.

The medical director of the Marie Stopes Mexico Foundation, Alfonso Gerardo Carrera Riva Palacio, reported that his clients are women, in general, over 26 years of age, and “80% of them have children, are heads of households and are Catholics».

The above comes from a July 25 story in Info Catolico