While not news to some, the 2010 Census results revealed that Planned Parenthood is clearly targeting minority neighborhoods.

79% of its 165 surgical abortion facilities are within walking distance of Black American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods. Protecting Black Life’s Research has revealed that 62% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are within two miles of Black American neighborhoods, and 64% near Hispanic or Latino neighborhoods, making them “targeted neighborhoods.”

The 131 cities highlighted in the research, using Google Map technology, clearly show that Planned Parenthood continues to pursue the eugenics philosophy of its founder, Margaret Sanger, who believed that Blacks and the poor were unfit to reproduce. Margaret Sanger dedicated her life to controlling the population of these “undesirables” by advancing birth control and sterilization in their neighborhoods.

Later, the legalization of abortion gave Planned Parenthood an effective and lucrative means for furthering this eugenics agenda. Although Planned Parenthood denies it, these maps show conclusively that they continue to target minorities for abortion. 

Full story at issues4life.org.