The following comes from a July 28 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants:

Dear Pro-life friends,

Wednesday July 27.

Knowing that there might be some second trimester abortions on Thursday that require the patient to come in the day before, two counselors arrived Wednesday morning to counsel. While the abortionist was not there, the nurses were there to do the first day procedure, which involves inserting a laminaria to dilate the cervix. The nurses were also distributing the abortion pill (RU-486) on Wednesday. There were no yellow-shirt escorts or security guard to interfere with counseling.

Early in the morning the first counselor to arrive spoke with two women. They were on the balcony and the counselor spoke from the parking lot up to the women. The woman said they were here for the two day procedure and the counselor tried to explain the careless medical practices at FPA, and also the dangers of late term abortion. The counselor tried to show the woman a model of a 12 week old baby.  The woman said no thanks and they went in. They eventually left and refused to take information on how to get the laminaria removed.

Right after that, another woman came to FPA and this time the counselor was able to speak with her on the balcony.  The woman spoke no English, so the counselor called a Spanish speaking counselor on the phone who spoke at great length with her.  The woman listened intently and they both agreed to exchange phone numbers.  The woman was on the fence and the counselor still wanted to talk with her.  There happened to be a woman who worked outside maintenance at the shopping center where FPA is located, and the counselor asked her if she spoke Spanish.  The counselor explained to the worker that this was an abortion clinic, and this woman was going in there to take the abortion pill.  The worker began to talk with her, and in the process her eyes were tearing up.  She poured her heart out to this woman, and it was clear she was moving her heart.  The woman said she would go to Culture of Life Family Services (COLFS) to get an ultrasound, and drove away.  While she never showed up at COLFS, she did leave FPA.  Please pray that she does not return.

Thursday July 28

There were three counselors in the lot by about 7:45, and a fourth counselor arrived shortly thereafter.  Only about 6 yellow-shirts were there, which is less than half the number that were there the previous week.  The aggressive guard that we have had for most of the past 20+ months was replaced by a new guard who was friendly with the yellow-shirts, but did not aggressively go after the patients like the old guard.

One of the counselors was given a description of the two women who had come the day before, and was looking to intercept them to try to tell them that the laminaria could be removed.  When the women arrived, two counselors tried to talk to them, but the yellow-shirts crowded around, and the women went into the elevator without taking any information.  A short time later the driver came downstairs and one of the counselor was able to start a conversation.  The driver said she had 5 children, and did not believe in abortion, but said it was her friend’s choice.  After talking with the counselor a while, she opened up that she was pro-life, and that she had tried to talk her friend out of having the abortion, but her friend’s boyfriend was not someone her friend wanted to stay with, and she would not change her mind.  The counselor gave the driver an “Abortion Changes You” card for her friend, and told her to tell her friend about the website to help with her emotional healing and how to get counseling help.

Two of the counselors were able to talk with a young man and woman who arrived with a 2-year old in the back seat.  The man was open at first to listening, but after a few minutes they got out of their car and started walking toward the clinic.  The man asked the counselor in a defiant tone of voice “And who is going to help pay for this kid, and pay for his college!”  The woman was more troubled, and tried to tell her boyfriend to be quiet.  The accepted information, but went into the clinic.

We were able to talk to a few more people, but none of them were very receptive.  Please pray for all of these women.

God bless you for your prayerful support.