The county of Lubbock, Texas has passed an ordinance banning abortions and becoming a “Sanctuary County for the Unborn.”

The move follows the city of Lubbock doing the same thing to make sure unborn babies are legally protected in this large west Texas city.

The measure also bans the sale of dangerous abortion drugs that kill babies and kill or injure women. The meeting to approve the new pro-life law was well attended, according to local news reports:

More than 100 people were in attendance for the regular commissioners court meeting where the ordinance was discussed Monday morning. The ordinance, which was introduced to the court last Wednesday, was passed by a vote of 3-0 with two members abstaining.

Commissioners Terence Kovar, Jason Corley and Jordan Rackler voted to pass the legislation. County Judge Curtis Parrish and Commissioner Gilbert Flores abstained from the vote.

The new pro-life law takes effect immediately.

Previously, the Planned Parenthood abortion chain dropped its lawsuit against the City of Lubbock and its Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance, which bans abortions within city limits. That made the city of Lubbock abortion-free and now the county is fully pro-life as well.

Lubbock is the largest city in the U.S. – and the first with an abortion facility – to pass an ordinance that protects unborn babies by banning abortions. Planned Parenthood sued the city, but a judge dismissed its lawsuit. Later, the abortion chain appealed, but it never succeeded in convincing a judge to block the ordinance. As a result, Planned Parenthood has not aborted any unborn babies in Lubbock since June 2022.

The Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance is similar to the Texas heartbeat law in that it has a private enforcement mechanism. It makes abortionists and those who help them “liable in tort to a surviving relative of the aborted unborn child, including the unborn child’s mother, father, grandparents, siblings or half-siblings,” meaning the abortionist can be sued for aborting the unborn child.

From LifeNews