The following comes from a July 22 Federalist article by Adam Cassandra:

Refusing to play according to the rules of Catholic morality, Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in Los Angeles has enlisted a notable alumnus to send a message to students that they should be perfectly comfortable with same-sex attraction and same-sex relationships.

The LMU website homepage publicizes a video running more than nine minutes that features former baseball player Billy Bean. Bean was a star at LMU, married a woman he met at LMU (lasting three years), and played eight years in Major League Baseball until 1995.

Bean had a modest baseball career, but made headlines in 1999 for being the first current or former MLB player to publicly talk about having same-sex attraction and a hidden “gay” sex life since he was 28 years old. Now he’s a vice president of the MLB and an activist for the “LGBT community” in baseball.

“The world is not a perfect place,” says Bean. “We still have discrimination by race, by gender, by religion.” He says his job now is “to be a resource and introduce a conversation about inclusion and acceptance.” The word “Catholic” is never mentioned in the video interview, and neither is “Jesuit.” There are no references to God or chastity.

LMU Director of Athletics Bill Husak appears in the video praising Bean, saying he “really epitomizes what LMU’s hopes are for each and every student. It is to go ahead and be of service. It is to be a person for others.” Husak says Bean exemplifies “those social justice tenets that are espoused” at LMU and praises his work with Major League Baseball: “I don’t think there’s a better person who could fill that office and fill the duties that are expected of that office than Billy.”