Loyola Marymount’s newsroom emailed a press release titled “The Supreme Court Is Reducing Pregnant Women in Idaho to Second-Class Citizens,” citing Loyola professor Jessica Levinson with a link to the following MSNBC story:

“The Supreme Court’s next foray into the legality of state laws criminalizing abortions will force them to wrestle with a fundamental question — are pregnant women entitled to the full protection of the law? Women used to be second-class citizens. We were deprived not just of the right to vote, but until very recently, we were deprived of the right to do basic things such as open bank accounts. It wasn’t until 1993, for example, that we reached the point where every state had outlawed spousal rape. Now, less than two years after the Supreme Court stripped abortion rights from the U.S. Constitution, it stands poised to put women’s ability to obtain medical care at further risk….

“Jessica Levinson, a professor at Loyola Law School, is the director of the Public Service Institute at Loyola Law School, director of Loyola’s Journalist Law School and former president of the Los Angeles Ethics Commission.”