content+slider+photo+4The following March 9 email came from

A new alumni group RENEW LMU has launched a petition. The Chronicle of Higher Education noted that LMU is hiring a new Director of the Bioethics Institute. We call on LMU to hire a Director of Bioethics who agrees with the Jesuit statement, “Standing for the Unborn” which says “All of God’s daughters and sons, particularly the most vulnerable and those yet to be born, must be treated with respect and protected by the laws of our nation.”Will the next LMU Director of Bioethics reject this wisdom?

We invite you to sign our petition to LMU President Burcham asking him to hire a pro-life faculty member as the next Director of Bioethics.

We hope LMU lives out in a more vibrant way its proclaimed “institutional commitment to Roman Catholicism” of which the Gospel of Life is just one part. So much good takes place at LMU, so many lives are touched. But St. Ignatius always spoke of the “magis,” the “more” that needs to be done. If you would like to advance LMU’s Catholic mission and identity, please sign our letter to President Burcham. The future of LMU hangs in the balance.