Planned Parenthood Northern California is set to close three locations, including Vacaville, Pittsburg, and central Richmond, on June 30th, according to local pro-life leaders and confirmed by a Planned Parenthood spokesperson.

These California closures follow closely after Planned Parenthood’s recent announcement of closing ten locations in Iowa, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Colorado.

Abortions through 10 weeks of pregnancy, using the Abortion Pill, were done at these three northern California Planned Parenthood locations. “As more Californians understand the humanity of the child in the womb, abortion rates continue to drop and as more women decide to go elsewhere for their comprehensive healthcare needs, there are fewer clients going to the nation’s largest abortion business” said Wynette Sills, Director of Californians for Life.

Planned Parenthood Northern California Affiliate’s Annual Report for 2016 shows their revenue exceeded $50 million dollars a year, while their expenses were only $45 million, leaving over $5 million dollars in excess revenue.

Full story at Californians for Life press release.