Interview on February 9, 2023 with Mya, who is studying administration of justice, on the Central Quad at Long Beach City College.

Do you consider yourself religious?

Mya: Yeah. I used to be a Baptist Christian, but now I’m just spiritual. I believe in God. I wouldn’t consider myself a Christian. I used to go to church every day. I read the whole Bible and I studied it. But then when I got to high school, they have lectures about how they used Christianity to take over places, forcing religion on people. I didn’t want to be considered part of that, so I just call myself spiritual. All the schools teach about Christianity, but it’s about conquering, how they used it to take over places.

Do you still read the Bible?

Mya: I lost my Bible, so I don’t read the Bible, but sometimes I’ll look at Bible verses.

Do you share your faith with others and encourage other people to believe in God?

Mya: Yeah. I used to go out with the people I used to go to church with and talk people into going to church and how they should get baptized.

Do you still think it’s a good thing to encourage people to be baptized?

Mya: Yeah, in a sense. 

Do you believe in a life after death?

Mya: I feel like every religion and every ethnicity has their own way of dealing with that because they’re scared to die. One way that I was taught was heaven and hell. Once you ask God’s forgiveness and to wash away your sins you go to heaven but if you don’t accept the gift of eternal life, you go to hell. The other religions are kind of similar, but they’re not, like Mexicans have the Day of the Dead, I think, it’s just certain ways they deal with it. I feel like none of them is actually real. Energy doesn’t die, so we will pass on. Our bodies will die, but we’ll still be there. 

How do you decide if abortion is right or wrong?

Mya: What I would say about abortion is that it was made for a reason, from a KKK leader, I forgot her name, to bring down one specific race. So if we didn’t have that, everybody that’s been pregnant and was not taking it seriously would have had a kid. I feel like it’s nature and we’re going against nature’s law. If God didn’t want that person to have a baby, they would never have had a baby. Sometimes it can either make you or break you and teach you something because a lot of people just play around with it, something serious. It was meant for something serious. You can also die from getting abortions. And once you get an abortion, it mentally affects you and it takes away from you. I’m not with that. 

Do you think marriage exists only between one man and one woman, or can two people of the same sex be married?

Mya: I don’t have anything against gay people, but it’s just not right. It’s not normal. They see it and they think it’s okay, because they see somebody else doing it and that’s what the government wants. So I wouldn’t really blame them, I would blame the government, but it’s just not right. I don’t agree with it.

If someone asked you who Jesus is, what would you say?

Mya: They refer to Him as the Son of God, but if I had to say who Jesus was, I would give the Bible’s description of Jesus, not the fake image that they put out as Jesus. 

Why do you think there’s a God?

Mya: Because I have been a Christian almost my whole life and I walked away from it. I got baptized, I got reborn, I got everything, and once I started figuring out the truth, I stepped back from it. And God was still showing me that He’s real through signs. A lot of things that I went through, He was there. That’s why I’m spiritual, because I believe that God is real. He showed me. Even when I doubted myself and said He wasn’t, He still showed me. That’s the reason I got this tattoo, my middle name, on my neck. Faith. I have faith.