The following comes from a Mar 13 C-Fam article by Wendy Wright:


A UN conference room filled with nearly 400 young people sitting in diplomats’ chairs leapt to their feet to applaud a young woman last Thursday night [March 12].


Lila Rose and her undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s callous aborting of children made their debut appearance in the august building.


“I am asking for forgiveness for how my nation has exported violence against the most innocent” around the world, she said. “And I want to share what my teams have seen inside the abortion industry.”

Lila showed clips of Planned Parenthood employees explaining how to obtain a sex-selection abortion, a late-term abortion and how to fraudulently obtain government aid.


“If we don’t treat the weakest members of society with the respect that we have for ourselves, how is that justice?  How is that equality?  How is that upholding human rights?” Lila told the crowd.


Several women employees who thought they were fighting for reproductive justice have left Planned Parenthood, Lila recounted. They came to realize “maybe this isn’t the best for women, maybe we can do better for women than killing their flesh and blood, maybe it’s coercive, maybe this is a lie that we’ve been sold by powerful political and business interests,” who make multiple millions of dollars from abortion.


There’s a big push not to recognize the child inside the womb. “But once we recognize what science and reason tells us about life in the womb” people can see the humanity of an unborn child.


The notion of “my body, my rights,” leads to the idea that “I can do what I please” with the “body inside my body.” This puts the burden of a child completely on the woman, because society tells the woman, “You take care of it. You deal with it.”


One video contrasted Planned Parenthood providing late-term abortion with pictures of Toby, a baby born at 24 weeks, then his pictures at nine months, two years old, and playing on a boat at three years old.



A woman in the audience passed a note to an International Youth Coalition student who invited her to the event. She had favored abortion before, but now is against it, her note said.