The following was part of a May 15 press release from the office of schools in the Fresno diocese.

The Most Rev. Armando Ochoa, the newly appointed Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno, announced today that he has given his blessing to keep Sacred Heart School open as long as it meets the benchmarks developed by the Diocesan Board of Education.

In a letter given by Bishop Ochoa to the members of the Viability Committee, the school’s pastor, principal, and a school board representative, Bishop Ochoa outlined a number of specific benchmarks that the school must meet to remain open. Each of these benchmarks has an individualized deadline that must be met. The benchmarks are grouped in four general goal areas: enrollment, fiscal health, governance and leadership, and miscellaneous. “There is a new spirit of hope and commitment to address the problems that the school faces,” said Lisa Rocha-Danks, school board member.

During the past few years Sacred Heart School, with grades pre-Kindergarten to 8th, has dropped in enrollment due to the economic crisis experienced by many families in the Fresno area. The school’s enrollment has fallen to fewer than 110 students for the past two years.

Since this school is basically financed by the tuition that is charged to families, the school’s annual income has been unable to cover its operating expenses. During this unstable time for the school, Sacred Heart Parish has generously made up the difference and has provided the school funding from its savings. These savings are now almost depleted. The Diocese of Fresno has also supported the school by allowing it to defer some of the cost for employee benefits.

Sacred Heart is one of twenty Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese of Fresno which covers eight counties in the heart of the state….



Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2012 5:17 AM By Angelo
Why are the doors of the Tabernacle open? With no one attending it while the Bishop is being photographed? It is true! Very few American Catholics believe in the Real Presence! I knew that for a fact, as I belong to the Fresno Diocese! There are even priests in this Diocese who give one a strange look, when one speaks of the Real Presence.

Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2012 6:42 AM By MacDonald
Sad but true that many of our Catholic schools have to close, because they cannot pay their bills. Gone are the days when the schools were staff by Nuns who earned almost nothing (and who received free medical care at Catholic hospitals) — now we must pay moms and dads to teach, parents who are struggling to put food on their own children’s table. I pray that Bishop Ochoa’s efforts to keep Sacred Heart School open will succeed, but they will need LOTS of help…

Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2012 9:15 AM By Charles
Angelo, the sanctuary of St. Anne’s Chapel on the Chancery grounds is well-known, if for nothing else, as the locale where the diocesan TV station records Sunday Masses. The scene looks like a press briefing and, for convenient reason, the chapel was deemed suitable. Under such circumstances, the reservation of the Body of our Lord would rightly have to be temporarily vouchsafed elsewhere. If that is the case here, then the Tabernacle doors open clearly would demonstrate forethought and proper care, not disrespect. This would be the case were the chapel to hold a concert of sacred music per jPII letter, Inestimable Donum. Having just met Bp. Ochoa personally yesterday, and having served as a musician at now three episcopal liturgies, I can personally attest to his scrupulosity regarding liturgical details. I’m well aware of other considerations reported here and elsewhere, but I think it fair to give bishop the basic courtesy of time and respect before jumping to conclusion or “seeing abuse,” much less linking this to other clerics with whom you have issues. Caritas et vertatis always.

Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2012 9:52 AM By max
ANGELO the only thingg i can think of is tyhat some newspaper photographed him on holy saturday or good friday, when the tabernacle in every church is empty. as for not beliefving in the REAL PRESENCE, this is awful. how can one come up to comjmunion and say AMEN if one doesn’t beliedve??? terrible.

Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2012 10:34 AM By Peter Pohorsky
Another aspect of educationb of our children who attend public schools is the law SB 48 to indoctrinate children with homosexual propaganda. Please support the petition drive to save souls of our children.

Posted Thursday, May 31, 2012 1:09 PM By JLS
max, in the EF one does not say “amen” at the communion rail.

Posted Thursday, May 31, 2012 3:00 PM By Kenneth M. Fisher
Angelo, Perhaps the photograph was taken while the Church was being used for a non-Liturgical purpose. If that was the case, thank God Bishop Ochoa witnessed it or may even been the reason for the Blessed Sacrament’s removal and retirement to a suitable place. That is more than I can say in the Diocese of Orange. God bless, yours in Their Hearts, Kenneth M. Fisher