Amazon has permanently removed from its website books by Joseph Nicolosi, who was often referred to as the “father of conversion therapy,” in a move some say portends censorship of anything Christian regarding sexuality.

For months the global online retail giant has been petitioned by LGBT activists who have urged the company to discontinue selling the works of Nicolosi, a clinical psychologist and Catholic author who died in 2017, NBC reported this week. Nicolosi wrote several works about homosexuality in men and therapeutic approaches for persons with same-sex attraction.

A petition that was launched five months ago and has garnered over 80,000 signatures that asks Amazon to stop selling his books.

Amazon also disallowed Catholic attorney David A. Robinson from selling his book on the platform in which he shares his personal story of leaving homosexuality. Robinson’s short book, Orientation and Choice: One Man’s Sexual Journey, was sold on Amazon for nearly a year before it was removed last week. When Robinson inquired why this happened, an Amazon representative informed him in an email — which was forwarded to CP — that during a review they found his work was in “violation of our content guidelines” but did not explain why or point out which parts were objectionable.

Author and Eastern Orthodox Christian Rod Dreher said Amazon’s move was the latest example of “woke” capitalism.

“It is only a matter of time before LGBT activists start attacking any book that contradicts their ideology — because now Amazon has shown that it will knuckle under. You don’t have to agree with Nicolosi’s theories to be alarmed at what Amazon has done here,” he wrote on his blog on The American Conservative on Wednesday.

Dreher noted that Amazon still sells books like Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampft, white supremacist David Duke’s book on Communism, and works by Grover Furr, an apologist for Joseph Stalin. For those who assert Nicolosi’s work is not scientific and should therefore not be sold, that is not a valid excuse, he opined, since the website also sells books on healing through crystal therapy.

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