Dear rabbits,

Today I served mass at Mother house. I was feeling sick so I didn’t want to go, but mass was beautiful and of course miraculous. We had the “love is patient, love is kind” reading that I love. I’ve always loved the part about “love does not insist on its own way…” I wasn’t sure whether to volunteer or whether to just sleep, but I ended up going for the morning and it was really great. I helped do laundry, empty foley bags, and wash people. I also got to sit with a man who is seriously declining and hold his hand for about an hour. Cleaning up vomit was one of the less delightful tasks of the day, but it was alright.

I got to wash this young man who looks like he is probably about my age, but is so skinny and small. He has a beautiful face, but it seems almost transparent, he’s so thin, sort of papery. When the sister give him his shot it sounds like a very tiny child wailing. I think he’s pretty simple minded. He has an enlarged head, so maybe it’s some kind of brain disorder? Anyway, he was very sweet.

I’ve made a couple of friends. One of them is named Valentina. She’s from Columbia, and has traveled all over the world and speaks French and English quite well. The other is named Joe. He’s a nice guy from England. They’re both taking a gap year before they go to college. I’ve also hung out several times with some nice girls from Mexico, and a couple of French guys. Everyone is very nice.

Well, I’m going to Mother House to listen to the English group talk about why they came to India. Then I’m going to take a nap before adoration.

With lots of love,